Why does my dog lick my pillow

Why does my dog lick my pillow

As a dog owner you may have asked this question of yourself, “Why does my dog lick my pillow?” or “Does my dog want to help my pillow by washing it?” And you’re not alone in finding the answer here. Therefore, let's take a tour of the "lickyland" where we are going to find out some answers.

Dogs really enjoy licking everything they see in order to get to know the new world. In their own words it works like Google. Using their tongues they can feel what is in front of them and get knowledge. Therefore, your dog might be trying to understand what you mean by licking your pillow. It is as if they are puzzled and wondering: "Are you spending much of your time here? Let me check it out for you".


Or maybe your dog is just a fan of the taste of your shampoo. Who knows? Dogs have different taste buds from us. They might find the taste of your hair products fascinating. It's like their version of a five-star meal. We don't judge them for eating grass, do we?


Jokes aside, your pillow carries your scent, and to your dog, you are the best thing since sliced bread... or maybe since the garbage can was invented. They simply love being around you, and your scent is comforting to them. It's like doggy aromatherapy!



But let's not forget about the pillow itself. Pillows are soft and comforting, and dogs might lick them as a form of self-soothing. It's like their version of a stress ball. Or maybe they just think your pillow is a giant marshmallow. We can't rule it out completely.


While this behavior may not necessarily require an intervention, we have to recognize that excessive licking oftentimes manifests stress, anxiety, and may be a signal of a health issue. Ultimately, if the continuous licking of the dog's pillow starts to seem like an obsession, it is advisable to see a vet. Though, a delayed visit just to postpone your dog’s spa time, which might not be severe, would be better than an unneeded visit.


Therefore, the next time you get your dog for offering uninvited tongue to your pillow, consider, he or she is not in lookout for your position of a family’s laundry doer. They are just naturally inquisitive little beings in their own right. What is again a reason to be grateful to our dogs, despite that they sometimes leave traces of slobber.


Why does my dog lick bedding?

Our barking dogs, dogs, perhaps might lick their bedding for various reasons . As well as fur removal from their bodies, dogs also enjoy doing this to their beds as some of them do the same with their blankets. on top of that, dogs can use their super sense of smell and would be driving their bedding a lick or two to get the whiff of the surroundings.


Why does my dog lick my bed sheets and pillow?

For no reason at all, your fuzzy friend might just give a little lick to courtesy wash your bed linen! Sure, they are tracking your trail, as that's all. It might be being their own way of hugging or just cling to you. Think the same, it makes them feel cozy and safe. However, But isn’t that the most significant things now?


Why does my dog lick blankets and pillows?

Nothing is comparable to a nice, soft blanket and a cozy pillow just like by us, our beloved pets find them equally welcoming and relaxing. At times, this attraction might even reach to the extent of licking them like if it helps in soothing themselves. We all have our ways of unwinding and theirs is licking. In fact, if you notice that your dog is a bit on the anxious or stressed side, this licking is a clever way of relieving themselves.

But hey, always remember this: if your dog's licking starts to seem a bit too much, or if they seem distressed, don't hesitate to chat with a vet. There could be an underlying health issue that needs some attention.



You see, dogs use their tongues as a way to explore their environment and gather information about what's going on around them. So, your dog might be giving your pillow a good ol' lick to learn more about you, to find comfort in your familiar scent, or just because they like the taste of your hair products (who knew, right?). Plus, pillows are soft and cozy, so some dogs might lick them as a way to comfort themselves. But heads up, if you notice your dog is licking a lot, it could be a sign that they're feeling stressed, anxious, or could have a health issue. And if that's the case, it might be a good idea to have a chat with your vet.

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