How to pronounce dachshund

How to pronounce dachshund

Well, if you are lucky, you will have a small dachshund or you will name it ‘cutie wiener dog’, but you simply won’t able to remember the breed’s scientific word without getting tongue-tied, then this page is for you. Fan of dogs drench no worry! Well, it's time to give this pronunciation mystery a try as an expert — what this dachshund's name really means.

The most interesting thing is, whereas ‘Sausage dog’ is not a name that could be clear to uncover, it is the nick name of such breed, the most curious.  Although Dachshund is a German word, in modern Germany, the dogs are more commonly known by the short name Dackel. Working dogs are less commonly known as Teckel. Because of their long, narrow build, they are often nicknamed wiener or sausage dog. 

"Dashound" is an allusively coined word which is devoid of any implication in English but if you want to add a hue of German feel to it, you should go for "daks-hund" or "dahks-hoont". It is very well your responsibility to introduce a meal that is rich but to some extent simple.


Practice Makes Paw-fect

Repeat after me: "daks-hund, daks bun, daks-hund." This is how you say it. So do it with confidence and don’t be afraid. Even if you do not have a good idea where Oktoberfest may lead you. Your furry pet will be more impressed by your efforts than the testimonial it dolphin won't be able to say "dachshund" but how it shows its appreciation will be definitely the best.


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Not stray far away from the Ordinary Sometimes being a little bit artistic could also be a good thing.

Also, frame around expressions as you utter. Whether laughing catches the motion in their fingers or sarcastic mimicry is present in the last of their words! You would realize that with the passing of a few days you have begun to notice how the playful bounce and wagging tail of your dachshund is warming your heart.


Embrace the Quirkiness

Many times, it is also important to be known that a proper care of clownish dogs also involves having fun with the antics of the funny dogs. Consequently, it is vital to remember that learning does not have to be serious. On the contrary, the process can be fun and finding ways to improve one's pronunciation can be enjoyable as well. In the final count, no world-improving advice can arrange this into a sad mood of yours, when you have your laughing, cute dog too.

There is a whole thread about the accurate pronunciation for dachshund on Reddit


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