How Much Does a Dachshund usually Weigh? - with weight charts

How Much Does a Dachshund usually Weigh? - with weight charts
"So, you’re planning for a dachshund, I see”. These cute dogs, known as frankfurters or hot dogs, because you can pet them all day long to your heart’s content. 
However, before you grab one of these adorable wee friends, you definitely would like to have the information about a little critter's weight, isn't it? Wherein, you don't need to worry, for I have an answer for you: Dachshund’s as light as a pill.

How Much Does a Dachshund usually Weigh?

Normally, dachshund or regular dachshund weighs between 16 to 32 pounds. Nevertheless, the weigh could be different in case different type of dachshund breed exists. Miniature dachshunds usually weigh between 8 to 11 pounds which is less than average compared with the massive standard dachshunds which is up to 33 pounds. And it does not matter how you narrow it down, from a tidbit to a normal-sized, because a dachshund is for everybody!


Those weight charts are a good way to keep an eye on how your puppy is growing and whether they're hitting the right marks. But keep in mind that every puppy is different and might need different things. Your vet will probably look at your Dachshund's body and decide how they're doing, not just at the number on the scale. Still, it's good to know what weight range your puppy should be at.

Standard Dachshund Weight Chart

Age Minimum Weight (lbs) Average Weight (lbs) Maximum Weight (lbs)
3 months 7 10.5 14
6 months 11 18 25
9 months 14 22 30
12 months 16 24 32

Miniature Dachshund Weight Chart 

Age Minimum Weight (lbs) Average Weight (lbs) Maximum Weight (lbs)
3 months 5 5.5 6
6 months 8 8.5 9
9 months 10 10.5 11
12 months 10 10.5 11


Variables that Affect Weigh of Dachshund Dog.

Not differently from people, the weight can also be affected by that particular dachshund. Specifically, genetics, diet, exercise, and general health are the main factors to consider. Hence, in short, the best way to ensure your dachshund does not put on too much weight is to make sure it is well fed, exercises regularly and gets lots of affection along-with all the love and hugs!

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Why It Is Crucial For Dachshunds to Be at Healthy Weight?

It is always essential to monitor the weight of your dachshund for the same reason in other respect. Overweight dachshunds may face a number of diseases like back problem, joint pain, heart disease, and etc. Thus , reduce the dog's food intake if the weight problem persists. Consult your veterinarian if you need advice on this matter.

Henceforth, that is what it is all about! The most impertinent issue will still be how heavy the dax has gained. Remember that a healthier dax is generally a happier one, so keep close surveillance on its weight and bestow all the love and care that it needs. You can also treat your furry friend dachshund pillow
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