You might think that throw pillows are just a tiny detail that doesn't need much attention. But let me tell you, when you get it right, these little guys can pack a serious design punch to any space! They're like little pieces of art that bring a burst of color and texture to your couch or chair, adding that perfect touch to any room. You might have seen a bunch of different pillow styles and wondered what's up with all the options. Well, I'm here to tell you that the world of throw pillows is a playground of possibilities. It can be a little much, I know...that's why you have design gurus like us to guide you through it! Here's a quick rundown of the basics...



Here's the classic. This style is simple and a crowd favorite. It's just two pieces of fabric that meet to make a sharp edge, tapering off into a corner. You can close up these knife-edge pillows with a zipper that matches your fabric choice, or with an envelope back.


Box edge pillows are a bit more complex. They have a top, a bottom, and either a cylindrical shape or four sides. Instead of just two pieces of fabric coming together at an edge, they have a longer edge that gives the pillow some depth and dimension. And don't be fooled by the name, box pillows can be square, rectangular, round, you name it. You can add piping for extra structure or a color pop. Check out the box-edged pillow on the chaise lounge below.



The bolster pillow is a long cylinder, basically a fabric tube filled with comfy stuff and two circular end pieces. You'll find bolster pillows providing support for your lower back, or just hanging out being decorative and adding a neat touch to your furniture.




A self-welt pillow has a cord that goes all the way around the edge. You can match the cord in the same fabric as the pillow, or go wild with a contrasting color or texture.


Flange pillows have an inch or two of fabric that sticks out from the edge of the pillow. This extra bit of fabric gives the pillow a fun, decorative edge. Flanges upon flanges, my friends!

And there you go! I hope this little guide helps you navigate your way through the fun and fabulous world of pillows. I learn so much from each of these "Design 101" posts, too. And remember, pillows are a design element that's all about fun and expressing your unique let your imagination run wild!

Design is everywhere. Let it inspire you.


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